• affected manners intended to impress others;
  • a posture assumed by models for photographic or artistic purposes
  • a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display
  • introduce;
    • "This poses an interesting question"
  • assume a posture as for artistic purposes;
    • "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"
  • pretend to be someone you are not; sometimes with fraudulent intentions;
    • "She posed as the Czar's daughter"
  • behave affectedly or unnaturally in order to impress others;
  • put into a certain place or abstract location;
  • be a mystery or bewildering to;
  • POSE v POSED, POSING, POSES to assume a fixed position

Scrabble Score: 6

pose is a valid Scrabble (US) TWL word

pose is a valid Scrabble Word in Merriam-Webster MW Dictionary

pose is a valid Scrabble Word in International Collins CSW Dictionary

Words With Friends Score: 7

pose is a valid Words With Friends word